Friday, September 23, 2011

Join Me at the National Alliance on Mental Ilness Walk

Tomorrow morning I will be at NAMIWalks Cleveland. I will be there as part of a walk team and I will have a booth for the Carolyn L. Farrell Foundation for Brain Health's bike tour, Ride to Imagine.

Please come out and walk and come visit me at my booth.
NAMIWalks Cleveland
Location: Voinovich Park behind the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
Cleveland, OH
Date: September 24, 2011
Distance: 2.5 MI
Check-in: 9:00 am
Start Time: 10:00 am

The Carolyn L. Farrell Foundation for Brain Health is named after my mom who is currently living with dementia. A few months ago we started the foundation to be able to bring ArtCare programs to people with dementia and other forms of brain disease, including mental illness. Right now we have an ArtCare program for people with dementia and we want to start one for people with mental illness. I would love for you to comment below or talk to me at the NAMI Walk about what kinds of art programs you think might benefit people with mental illness. Right now I am thinking about one involving scrapbooking as I have seen that be very helpful to people with bipolar disorder and depression.

I hope to see you at the walk tomorrow and/or at the Ride to Imagine on October 8.

Click here to donate to our team for the NAMIWalk.
Click here to register for the Ride to Imagine.
Click here to donate to the Carolyn L. Farrell Foundation for Brain Health.

Thank you for supporting our community and I hope to see those of you who live in the Cleveland area soon!


Rev. Katie

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