Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Religion and Recovery

The magazine BP Hope (Bipolar Hope) asked for responses to a question about religion and recovery for their fall 2011 issue. They used my answer, which I have posted below and you can also see online by clicking here. The online version does not have my name, but in the subscription it does.

 Question: Many of us draw strength from our religious faith and relationship with the divine. How has your faith helped you cope with bipolar and maintain your stability?

The fall issue of BP Hope looks great and I can't wait until I get my copy in the mail. I am really interested in reading the article about weight.

Follow BP Hope on Facebook, they have great posts and are a wonderful community. Also, I really love their blogs on their website. Two recent interesting blog posts are Money and the Manic Depressive and The Benefits of Going Public.


Rev. Katie

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