Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Staying Well During the Holidays

The holidays can stress out even the most mentally balanced of people and the holidays can really mess up those of us who have mental illness. Why? Because of family dynamics that bring you right back to your childhood so you revert back to your unhealthy self. Because many of us need to follow specific diets and schedules to manage our illness and those get thrown out the window with travel and other people thinking you are "weird."

This post is a reminder to stay sane during the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday which kicks off the holiday season. I did a bit of preparing today so I can stay sane for the holiday tomorrow. We have scheduled in exercise for tomorrow morning. I made my sugar free, gluten free, healthy versions of stuffing and sweet potatoes. I don't drink alcohol or sugary drinks, so I have my Chocolate Mint black tea ready. I don't eat dessert so I have some flavorful yogurt prepared. I have my alarm set (as always) to take my medicine. I have my backup anti-anxiety meds should I need them. I have taken the time to remind myself of who I am and what is truly important in life.
Cooking cornbread stuffing. (Photo by Jeff Norris)

Here is a list you can use to help you keep well:

1. Keep your sleep schedule as routine as possible, even if people think you are weird for going to bed early.
2. If you can't drink due to your medications or other reasons, don't let peer pressure get to you.
3. If there is no healthy food for you at the event, bring your own food. And don't volunteer or allow people to convince you to make foods you know you can't eat; you know you will at least taste them and then it's all down hill from there.
4. Don't take home leftovers you don't want in your house.
5. Get out an exercise.
6. Remember, your health is more important than pleasing a family member, looking cool, or whatever else might seem more important at the time. 
7. And lastly, there is really no nice way to say this - Don't take shit from anybody. Do what you have to do to be well.

May your holidays be joyful and balanced.


Rev. Katie


  1. I could have used this 4 days ago....but I was too busy going crazy over the holidays : ) Thanks for the reminders, there's more holidays to come.

  2. Dark Mother,
    I hope the rest of your holiday season is a bit less crazy!

    Rev. Katie