Wednesday, March 28, 2012

CrossFit: A Lesson in Support

At my CrossFit gym this Monday, I had just finished my workout and sat catching my breath and trying not to die, when I looked up and saw in the other room all of the Crossfitters who had competed their workout doing the last set of 34 burpees with another member to help him finish. Now, if you know Crossfit, (and burpees) you know that the workouts are hard and everyone tries their best so you are exhausted by the time you finish. All you want to do is lay on the ground and not move. Ever. Again.

For these people to do more of the workout in order to support someone is amazing. Being one of the slowest people in the gym, I am always grateful when people start doing the workout with me to help me finish it. They don't care that I am slow, they still think I am doing a great job because I am trying as hard as I can.
CrossFit Cleveland Member Board

I am often asked by people wanting to help their loved one with mental illness: "What can I do to support them?" It is hard to describe that often times the best way to support someone is just by being there with them, going through the hard times with them.

There are some illnesses we just can't fix or cure, bipolar disorder being one of them. This is extremely frustrating to people in our American society which believes if we have enough science and money we can fix anything. During such an illness, sometimes the thing someone needs the most is just your presence. You can't fix us, you can't do the work for us, but you can accompany us on our journey.

That is why CrossFit is such a good example. No one can do my workout for me. And no one at CrossFit would ever suggest that I give up. They do not judge me for my abilities. They support you by going through it with you and helping you find the strength in yourself that you never thought you had.


Rev. Katie

P.S. I do not suggest that you accompany someone all the way into dysfunction, like follow them into a bad situation or let them be mean to you.

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  1. I've been wanting to do CrossFit for awhile now but unfortunately, my schedule won't permit it. Hopefully I can free up some time to even just try it.
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